Hydrant Flushing Program

The Fire Hydrant Flushing Program is a part of regular Authority operations and maintenance. The purpose is two-fold; to flush the water mains and to check fire hydrant operation.


Discolored water is sometimes a side effect of this ongoing maintenance program. We strongly suggest that all customers check their water and the flushing schedule link below, before laundering or using large quantities of water during this time.


If you experience discolored water or stained laundry, DO NOT CONTINUE TO USE THE WATER. Keep the laundry items damp until the water clears. Then use a non-chlorine bleach to re-launder. DO NOT USE CHLORINE BLEACH. Soak the items for a few hours and re-launder with your regular detergent and the non-chlorine bleach.


The following areas are currently scheduled for flushing.   More specific information is available by calling Customer Service at 412-931-3500 or 412-364-1257. Thank you for your cooperation.








March 16, 2020
March 17, 2020
March 18, 2020
March 19, 2020
March 20, 2020
Avalon Borough: Avalon Borough: Avalon Borough:
Avalon Borough:
Avalon Borough:
Jackman Ave California Ave Eugene St New Brighton Rd
Marie Ave
Hemlock St Taylor Ave Orchard Ave Center Ave
N Birmingham Ave
Florence Ave Ohio St Locust St Josephine St
Parkview Ave
Taylor Ave Florence Ave Birmingham Ave Birmingham Ave
Semple Ave
California Ave Hemlock St Ohio St Marie Ave
Grandview Ave
Elizabeth Ave Harrison Ave
Ohio St
Spruce Run Rd
Ohio River Blvd Bellevue Borough: Florence Ave Delp St
Malvern Rd Thomas Ave Orchard Ave Norwood Ave
Bellevue Borough:
Chestnut St Woods Ave Fisk Ave City View Ave
Forest Ave
New Brighton Rd Tingley Ave Monitor Ave Valley View Ave
N Balph Ave
N Home Ave N Sprague Ave Union Ave   Dakota Ave
Union Ave Carolyn Ave   Bellevue Borough: N Fremont Ave
Shade Ave N Jackson Ave Bellevue Borough:
Hillcrest Ave
Teece Ave
Means Ave Shade Ave Erdner Ave
Bellevue Borough: Virginia Ave Clinton Ave Sylvan Ave
Ben Avon Borough:
North Ave Orchard Ave N Starr Ave Dawson Ave
Berringer Pl
Union Ave Beaver Ave Teece Ave N Balph Ave
Alder Dr
Glaser Ave Highland Pl Hardley Ave N Fremont Ave
Park Ave
Maryland Ave Bayne Ave Orchard Ave
Ben Avon Heights Borough: Forest Ave N Balph Ave N Sprague Ave
Ross Township:
Perrysville Ave Summit Ave N Sprague Ave Forest Ave
Mazer Ave
Penhurst Dr Dawson Ave   Grandview Ave
Devon Ln Ben Avon Borough:   Ben Avon Heights Borough:
Katherine St
Wilson Dr Monitor Ave Ben Avon Borough:
Canterbury Dr Oak Dr
Laurel Ave Monitor Ave
Shannopin CC Preston Ave
Kilbuck Township: Park Ave   Biddford Rd Bascom Ave
Shannopin Dr Spruce St Ben Avon Heights Borough:
Oxford Rd Transval Ave
The Knob Banbury Ln Cloverlly Dr
Malcolm Ave
Newgate Rd Ross Township: Cambridge Rd Stratford Dr
Cemetary Ln
Ohio Township: Bellevue Ter Briarcliff Rd Norwood Dr
Enger Ave
Highland Dr Quail Ave Biddeford Rd   Augusta Dr
Shannopin Dr Wellesley Ave Canterbury Dr Kilbuck Township:
Oakmont Dr
Ravenwood Ave Norwood Ave Norwood Ave
Peony Ave
Ross Township: United States Ave Shannopin CC Ridge Ave
Gass Rd
Spruce Valley Dr Ambard Ave Oxford Rd   Highview Ave
Rossmor Ct N Balph Ave Clovelly Dr Ross Township:
Lilac Ave
Center Ave Calderwood Ave Stratford Dr Union Ave
Rose Ave
North Ave Calderwood Ave Ext Perrysville Ave Casper Ave
Sunset View Dr
Clearview Ave Forest Ave Penhurst Dr Pinehurst Dr
Timberlane Dr
N Balph Ave Glarius Ave Devon Ln Medinah Dr
Timberlane Ct
Forest Ave Center Ave Wilson Dr Highland Ave
Violet St
Bellwood Dr Spruce Valley Dr   Augusta Dr
Princeton Ave
Bellevue Rd Meadow Ct Kilbuck Township:
Oakmont Dr
Vassar Ave
Mt Nazareth Dr Spruce Ct Newgate Rd Clarion Ave
Harvard Ave
Jacks Run Rd Union Ave The Knob N Fremont Ave
Stanford Ave
N Longmont Dr Edies Way Norwood Ave Simplon St
Longmont Dr Williams St Ridge Rd E Orchard Ave
West View Borough:
Lowland Dr Courtney Mill Rd Shannopin Dr Verney St
Princeton Ave
Thornridge Rd E Forest Ave Stanford Ave
West View Borough: Highland Dr Ohio Township: William St
Yale Ave
Center Ave Highland Dr Pioneer Ave
Vassar Ave
Cornell Ave Harvard Ave
Ross Township: Lucerne Ave First Alley
William St Drexel Ln
Pioneer Ave Lucerne Ave
Cornell Ave Aspen Tr
Jacks Run Rd  
West View Borough: Brunner Ct
West View Park Dr    
Harvard Ave West View Borough:  
Columbia Ave West View Park Dr
Adrian Ave Harvard Ave
Carlisle Ave Columbia Ave  
Yale Ave Adrian Ave
Cornell Ave Carlisle Ave
  Yale Ave
  Cornell Ave