Hydrant Flushing Program

The Fire Hydrant Flushing Program is a part of regular Authority operations and maintenance. The purpose is two-fold; to flush the water mains and to check fire hydrant operation.


Discolored water is sometimes a side effect of this ongoing maintenance program. We strongly suggest that all customers check their water and the flushing schedule link below, before laundering or using large quantities of water during this time.


If you experience discolored water or stained laundry, DO NOT CONTINUE TO USE THE WATER. Keep the laundry items damp until the water clears. Then use a non-chlorine bleach to re-launder. DO NOT USE CHLORINE BLEACH. Soak the items for a few hours and re-launder with your regular detergent and the non-chlorine bleach.


The following table shows the areas that are are currently scheduled for flushing.   More specific information is available by calling Customer Service at 412-931-3500 or 412-364-1257. Thank you for your cooperation.




There is no hydrant flushing scheduled at this time.  Please check back periodically for future schedules.  They will be posted as they become available.



April 19, 2021
April 20, 2021
April 21, 2021
April 22, 2021
April 23, 2021
Schedule not released
Emsworth Borough:
Kennedy Township:
Kennedy Township:
Schedule not released
Orchard Ave Pine Hollow Rd Hickory St
Center Ave Poplar St
Laurel St McCandless Township:
Pennsylvania Ave Lindisfarne Dr McCandless Township:
Greenwood Ave Mormion Dr Duncan Ave
Ivanhoe St Manville Dr Lincoln Club Dr
Walliston Ave Nordica Dr Cumberland Rd Ext
Allison Ave Malibran Dr Cumberland Rd
Huntington Ave Cumberland Rd Whitley Dr
Lancelot Dr Rosalind Dr
Kennedy Township: Rosalind Dr Aldenford Dr
Pine Hollow Rd Babcock Blvd Glenellen Dr
Providence Blvd E Arcadia Dr
McCandless Township: Dove Ct Perrymont Rd
Darrell Dr Beacon Ln Ryndwood Rd
Pannier Dr Winnerwood Rd
Cromwell Dr McKees Rocks Borough: Lamplite Ln
Barry Dr Middletown Rd Perrymont Rd
Merlin Dr Owens St Fox Ridge Rd
Guenevere Dr Demmler Dr
Cumberland Rd Neville Township: Duncan Ave
WVWA Plant
Ross Township: McKees Rocks Borough:
McKnight Rd Ross Township: Middletown Rd
Wick Dr Woodland Rd State St
Circle Dr Kinvara Ct Clever Ave
Swan Dr Tara Dr Conroy St
Drood Ln Kinvara Dr SUmmit St
Sunderland Dr Rebecca Ct Deweyville Rd
Gadshill Pl Shannon Dr College St
Dombey Dr Dombey Dr Clinton St
Isolda Dr Drood Ln Poplar St
Goldsmith Rd Lindisfarne Dr
Adele Dr Roderick Dr Ross Township:
Ridge Rd Kinvara Dr
Tyler Rd Stowe Township: Sangree Rd
Sunset Dr Broadway Ave Schlag Ct
Sangree Rd Ninth St Cherrington Dr
Maruth Dr Valley St Mercia Dr
Siebert Rd Fleming Ave Goldsmith Rd
Island Ave Virginia Rd
Stowe Township: Cole Ave Martin Rd
Ninth St Glen Way
Rudolph St Davis Ave Stowe Township:
Knox St Edward St Davis Ave
Russellwood Ave Stowe Ave
Eleenth St Island Ave
W Eleventh St Tunnel Way
Twelfth St McKee St
Thirteenth St