AMI System

(Advanced Metering Infrastructure System)

June 2010

West View Water Authority is pleased to announce a change in the way we read our water meters and more importantly, service our customers.  At no charge to our customers, this upgrade enhances service, eliminates estimated bills, and provides more comprehensive diagnostic tools for our customers. 

Starting in September 2007, we began installing a new Advanced Metering Infastructure (AMI) System using low powered RF signals over our entire service territory.  This project was a cooperative effort between West View Water Authority and VSI Meter Services, our authorized contractor.   As of June 2010, we have installed new AMI meters to ninety-eight percent (98%) of the Authority's service territory.  The other two percent (2%) consisting of vacants, properties in sales transactions, or similar circumstances.

Why Change the Meter?

Meters are mechanical devices that wear with usage.  The installation of new meters allows more efficient monitoring of water consumption throughout the Authority’s service area which results in water rate control and other customer service enhancements.

Why Tower Read?

Tower based reading systems provide daily meter readings from each account and reduces the costs associated with meter reading.  This results in water rate control and other customer service enhancements.

Service Enhancements

Daily readings are obtained which allow for leak monitoring, office based final readings, water consumption and accountability monitoring, and overall usage trend management.

Necessary Equipment

A new water meter has been installed by Authority personnel in your basement.  A FCC approved radio frequency transmitter has been installed on the outside of your structure.  The transmitter  reads your meter and transmits the information to strategically placed collectors and then forwards the information to our main office.

System Tools

The system software also helps detect leaks at a customer account or group of accounts.  It will also detect reverse flow conditions, and includes theft of service detection.

System Benefits

Long-term operating cost control and increased water flow information.