Line Replacement Projects

Each year, West View Water Authority replaces water mains as part of an ongoing maintenance program. The follow projects are currently in progress. Should you have any questions please feel free to contact our Project Engineering Department at (412) 931-3292 during normal business hours.



  • Brant Avenue from Woodland Road to the dead end.  Replace 400 feet of 6-inch line and 300 feet of 2-inch line.  (bid November 2018) – estimated cost $105,000



McKees Rocks:

  • Linden Street from Bell to the dead end. (Design Stage) – estimated cost $160,000


  • Thompson Avenue (In Progress) – estimated cost $250,000




  • Crider Hill Road – Replace 815 feet of 6-inch line due to the bridge project.  (In Progress) – estimated cost $125,000


  • Evergreen Heights Road from Rochester Road to Adele Court (In Progress) – estimated cost $75,000


  • Jacks Run Bridge #4 – Replace 75 feet of 6-inch line due to the bridge project. (Design Stage 2018) – estimated cost $10,000


  • Russell Drive & Greenhill Road – Replace 400 feet of 4-inch line on Russell Dr and install 850 feet of 6-inch line through the easement on Greenhill Rd. (Start November 2018)  – estimated cost $225,000