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High School Video Contest

In honor of the 75th Anniversary, West View Water Authority is conducting a High School Video Contest!


September 2018 Rate Increase

Information regarding the September 2018 Rate Increase for customers.


Hydrant Flushing Program

Find out about the Hydrant Flushing Program and where the Authority may be flushing today.


Line Replacement Projects

As part of our continuous improvement to our distribution infrastructure, see the listing of current and planned WVWA line replacement projects.


Consumer Confidence Report 

An in-depth annual water quality report to our customers regarding WVWA and the water we distribute.


WVWA Water Analysis

An analysis report of the components in the water we distribute.


Frequently asked questions about lead in drinking water

Important information regarding lead and how it can get into the water that you use.



What are Chloramines?  How, when and why does West View Water Authority use Chloramines in the water?


Congressman Rothfus visits WVWA

A special visit from Congressman Keith Rothfus!


AMI System Information

The AMI System is all about accurate information from the consumer’s meter.  Learn what this system is and how it improves customer service to WVWA customers.


Bottled water and the effect on the environment

What is the environmental impact of choosing bottled water over tap?


Accolades, Awards and Honors

Our professional awards and accomplishments.