Water Analysis

The water analysis for the finished product supplied to our customers.

This page is updated often due to seasonal changes in the water content.   Please check back periodically for current analysis information.


Calcium* 60 ppm Ca as CaCO3
Magnesium* 5 ppm Mg as CaCO3
Sodium* 25 ppm as Na
P. Alkalinity 2 ppm P. Alk. as CaCO3
Total Alkalinity* 40 ppm Total Alk. as CaCO3
Chloride* 30 ppm as Cl
Sulfate Range 34 – 100 ppm as SO4
Nitrogen** 0.79 ppm as Nitrate
Nitrogen** <0.01 ppm as Nitrite
Total Iron 0.010 ppm as Fe
Total Manganese 0.009 ppm as Mn
Free Chlorine 0.65 – 1.29 ppm as Cl2
Total Chlorine (municipalities with Chloramine Disinfection) 0.76 – 0.96 ppm as Cl2
Total Hardness* 79 ppm as CaCO3
Total Hardness* 4.61 grains/gal as CaCO3
Fluoride 0.5 ppm as F
Lead <0.001 ppm as Pb
Specific Conductance* 260   Micromhos/cm
pH 8.5  
Turbidity  0.045  NTU
Color  APHA Units
Total Dissolved Solids*  143  ppm
Average Trihalomethanes (THM) for first quarter of 2017*  0.031 ppm 
Average Haloacetic Acids (HAA) for first quarter of 2017*  0.019  ppm
Total Coliforms per 100 mL  <1 

03/15/2018   WVWA

* = will change seasonally
** = monitored yearly during highest quarter

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