AMI Project Status Press Release (June 2010)

AMI Project Status – Advanced Metering Infrastructure System

June 2010

West View Water Authority is pleased to announce that the project to convert all of the water meters within the Authority’s service territory is ninety eight percent (98%) complete.  The remaining two percent (2%) are vacant properties, properties that may be in the process of a sale, or other similar circumstances.

The Authority Board and management appreciate the cooperation and compliments received from our customers during this water meter conversion project.  The metering system will provide many benefits to our customers for many years to come.

The VSi Metering Services Customer Service Department is now closed.  Any questions regarding your water meter and related equipment should be directed to the West View Water Customer Service Department at 412-931-3500 or 412-364-1257.

West View Water Authority is committed to providing excellent service to our customers.