AMI Project Updated Press Release (November 2009)

November 2009

In September 2007 the Authority announced the installation of new water meters throughout its entire service territory to implement Automatic Meter Reading.

To date a total of 55,825 water meter have been installed by the Authority’s contract VSi Metering Systems and Authority personnel.  There are 162 days remaining on the existing contract and it is anticipated that all water meters will be installed well before the completion date.  The Authority has been very satisfied with the performance of the contractor.

There are many customer benefits as a result of the Automatic Meter Reading System; elimination of estimated billings, no need to access the actual water meter for regular quarterly or customer scheduled readings and 24 hour monitoring to prevent high billing or other maintenance issues.

The installation of this meter reading is allowing the Authority to meet it’s commitment to the West View Water customers by providing better customer service.  If your meter has not been converted, please go to for more information or you may call West View Customer Service at 412-931 3500.