AMI System Information

May 2017


West View Water Authority is pleased to share how we read our water meters and more importantly, service our customers.  At no charge to our customers, we’ve enhanced service, eliminated estimated bills, and now provide more comprehensive diagnostic tools for servicing our customers.


We utilize an AMI (Advanced Metering Infrastructure) System using low powered Radio Frequency signals sent over towers throughout our entire service territory.  Ninety-eight percent (98%) of the Authority’s service territory is on the AMI System.  The other two percent (2%) consisting of vacant properties, properties in sales transactions, or similar circumstances.


Why tower read?

Tower based reading systems provide daily meter readings for each account and reduces the costs associated to obtain a meter reading.  This results in water rate control and other customer service enhancements.


What type of service enhancements?

Daily readings are obtained which allow for leak monitoring, office based final readings, accurate water consumption and accountability monitoring, and overall usage trend management.


What’s the necessary AMI equipment needed?

A West View Water Authority meter located inside your property or water pit that sends a signal to a FCC approved radio frequency transmitter which is installed on the outside of your structure or water pit.  The transmitter reads your meter and transmits the information to strategically placed collectors throughout the WVWA service territory.  The information is then forwarded to our main office for billing as well as customer diagnostic servicing.  This equipment is provided for you by the Authority as part of your WVWA service.

What does the AMI system software do besides collect readings?

The system software aids West View Water Authority in detecting potential issues with the customer’s account including leak detection, reverse flow conditions and theft of service detection.


Overall, how does the AMI System benefit customers?

Long-term operating cost control and increased water flow information.  Improved customer service tools and water theft detection.  More accurate readings and monitoring of consumption.