Application for Services

All customers requesting water service must complete an application for each account requested. The application is subject to approval by the Authority along with payment of any required deposits or fees. The application is a binding contract between the customer and the Authority.


Please note:  If this is a new construction or new tap in from a main line for a property, please contact the Engineering Department at 412-931-3292 for more information or to apply for a service line connection and/or main line tap for the property.


For all other applications, please call 412-931-3500 and a customer service representative will discuss requirements. Customer handbooks are issued with all new applications for service.


View a Sample Application for Service Form


Please note:  Due to COVID-19 restrictions, customers are not currently allow to enter WVWA buildings.  Please call 412-931-3500, during normal business hours, to discuss alternatives with our customer service department.  Please excuse us for this inconvenience.  Thank you.


 Customer Service Handbook