Backflow Information and Instructions



  • BEFORE adding an irrigation system, please follow the WVWA Spec Sheet 100 found at the bottom of this webpage.


  • All systems MUST be inspected by WEST VIEW WATER AUTHORITY. If we have not done an inspection, the irrigation system will be considered a “NEW” system and must meet the current specifications and requirements.


  • To schedule an inspection or if you need any clarification, please call the Backflow Department at 412-931-3292





  • This meter is used to register water not going into the public waste water system so your waste water company can issue a credit.


  • West View Water Authority does NOT supply or sell deduct meters. They can be purchased through meter companies.


  • To be credited for water registered on a deduct meter you must contact your waste water company and complete their application process.


  • West View Water is required to do a final inspection on the installation of deduct meters.  Call our Backflow Department to schedule an on-site inspection at 412-931-3292.


  • The fee for a deduct meter inspection of $15.00.


  • All questions concerning a credit or meter reading should be directed to your waste water company.





  • Any system that is ‘out of service’ due to construction, needing repairs, traveling, illness or vacancy is still required to be tested by the due date. This is in accordance with Federal Law 99:339 – Safe Drinking Water Act Amendments 1986 State Law PA 25 code Chapter 109, Pennsylvania Safe Drinking Water Act.


  • A customer can either test the device or have the “T” removed as explained in the following DISCONNECTING AN IRRIGATION SYSTEM section.





  • WVWA requires the “T” online, that feeds the irrigation system must be cut out and a straight piece of pipe installed in its place. The irrigation line must also be capped. There are no exceptions to this.


  • Once the disconnect is completed as required, contact our Backflow Department at 412-931-3292 to schedule an on-site inspection at no charge.


  • A backflow test is no longer required once the inspection process is complete.


  • If a customer decides at a later date to reconnect the irrigation system it is considered a “NEW” system and it will be required to meet the current specifications and requirements.  See Spec Sheet 100 at the bottom of this webpage.





  • Make sure you hire a CERTIFIED backflow tester.


  • The authority is bound by law to make sure all backflow tests are conducted annually.


  • The water account holder is responsible for making sure WVWA has received their test form.


  • Notification letters and test forms are sent a minimum of 30 days prior to when a test is due.  No test will be accepted if it is done more than 30 days prior to the schedule set by the Authority.


  • Reminder letters and test forms are sent after the due date has expired.


  • Additional time can be granted at the discretion of the Authority through email correspondence.  The email must include a date the test will be completed and the approved tester name.


  • Failure to test a device by the date set by the Authority may result in fees and termination of water.



Spec Sheet 100 for WVWA Backflow:




Printable Spec Sheet 100 – Backflow