Checking for Leaks

The best method for determining whether a leak exists is to take actual meter readings.  Here is a step by step method to doing so at home.  If you need further assistance please contact Customer Service at (412) 931-3500 during normal business hours.  


  • Locate your water meter

The meter may be in your basement or mechanical room where the water service enters the building. Meter pits are out near the street or curb. If you have any questions
as to the location of your meter please contact our customer service department and a representative will answer any questions you may have.


  • Leak detection indicator

First, look at the face of the meter and observe the small red or black triangle or LCD flow indicator. This triangle or LCD flow indicator is considered a low flow or leak detection indicator.  Check and see if the triangle/indicator is turning.  If it is turning and you have verified that no water is being used (including appliances such as an ice maker, a humidifier, a water softener, etc.), you probably have a leak in your plumbing system.

  • Read the meter TWICE

Read the meter first at night, after the day’s usage has ended and again in the morning before any water is used. Find the difference by subtracting the first reading from the second reading to calculate the consumption used overnight.


  • Look for leaks

The most common invisible leak is your toilet. Check for leaks by adding a small amount of food coloring in the tank. Wait for 15 minutes and see if the color appears in the bowl of your commode.

  • Verify repairs

After making repairs repeat the above mentioned procedures to verify that the leak has stopped.