Backflow (Cross Connection) Control Program

West View Water Authority is active in monitoring a Backflow (Cross Connection) Control Program. This program, in compliance with the Safe Drinking Water Act, has been established to prevent the public water supply from being contaminated during a water backflow situation.


If you require specific information concerning this program or how it may affect your water service please contact our Administrative Office at (412) 931-3292 during regular business hours or for general information regarding the program go to:

Customer Info > FAQ’s >Backflow (Cross Connection) Control Program


The following form is to be used by Certified Backflow Testers ONLYA West View Water Authority Account Number must be included on all completed forms.  Test forms submitted without the account number are subject to rejection by the Authority.


**Just a reminder – PLEASE make sure your tester has a CURRENT CERTIFICATE.**


Test and Maintenance Report Form


** Please use Adobe Reader when viewing/printing the WVWA Test and Maintenance Report Form **