Drinking Water Week 2024

May 5 – May 11, 2024


This week we celebrate Drinking Water Week. West View Water Authority (WVWA) would like to salute those that make it possible – our workforce who helps provide our rate payers clean safe drinking water. Safe drinking water allows us to grow our urban and suburban communities and has been a catalyst for economic growth and development in our post-industrial revolution world. It also helps our first responders nurse us back to health and fight fires showing that what we all do in our profession affects our daily lives.


The data is clear. In 2023 the Bureau of Labor and Statistics reported that Pennsylvania has the 5th highest actual employment for water and wastewater utilities with 5,200 employees in total.  These jobs greatly support or are ancillary to the outdoor industry which adds $14 billion to Pennsylvania Gross Domestic Product (GDP) which accounts for 1.6 percent of the total Pennsylvania GDP (DCNR).  WVWA is one of the larger Municipal Water Utilities in Pennsylvania servicing over 32 communities and over 200,000 residents in Allegheny, Beaver and Butler Counties.


This week, we ask you to recognize water professionals and their role in ensuring that safe water reaches every tap. Learn more about the local drinking water journey – where it comes from, how it is delivered, and the work done to ensure drinking water quality.  Advocate for and support initiatives that ensure adequate funding and resources for water infrastructure and professional development. These actions are an important part of what everyone can do because as water professionals – fixing, repairing, and reconstructing our plants and assets is a 24/7-365 day a year operation.


For more information about Drinking Water Week, please visit https://www.awwa.org/Events-Education/Drinking-Water-Week