FAQ – Common Customer Questions

West View Water Authority’s Customer Service Department is always improving to serve our customers in the best way possible.  We’ve found that, often, the same questions are asked by customers every day.


Here is a list of Frequently Asked Questions with the answers to better serve you.  If, after reading these FAQ’s, you still don’t have the answers/information you need please call us at 412-931-3500 during normal business hours and we’ll be happy to assist you.


Service Questions:


How can I best schedule a service appointment around my schedule?

We understand that it can be difficult to arrange your schedule to accommodate a water service appointment.  In an effort to serve you while respecting your other commitments we have put together a few helpful hints to make scheduling a service call a little less difficult:


    • Request service in advance if possible and West View Water will make every effort to work with the limitations a customer may have. Often, a first call in the morning or last call of the day are suggested –even a lunchtime call can be worked out if it works for the customer’s schedule.
    • Leave a key with a neighbor or drop a key off at the office in advance of the schedule service. The service personnel can leave the key at the property and lock the doors when leaving.
    • If unexpectedly at home – a sick family member or last-minute vacation day – call Customer Service and perhaps the service request can be scheduled.


Why don’t I have any water?

Although it is frightening to turn on the sink and have no water, oftentimes there is a simple solution to this problem.  Follow the checklist below to find the possible issue/resolution:


    • Check the valves at the sink or area where there appears to be no water.
    • Check the main valve at the meter setting, making sure the valve is open properly
    • Check with neighbors—is anyone else experiencing this same problem?


If the problem persists, call our Customer Service Department at 412-931-3500 for assistance or more information.


Please note that during the winter months the area near your service line entrance, meter setting, and interior plumbing must be properly heated.  Using a hair drier can sometimes thaw frozen water lines once cold drafts are eliminated.  For more tips on winterizing your house visit our Helpful Hints – Winter Months – Winterize Plumbing page.



Billing/Payment Questions:


How often should I expect a water bill?

WVWA bills monthly.  The bill will, generally, represent the consumption since the last bill, a monthly customer charge paid by each active meter in the system, as well as any payments that have been made on the account.  Other possible itemized entries may be any additional charges/credits that have occurred during the last month, such as a late fee for missing the previous month’s billing due date or adjustments to the account since the last billing.


What is this Customer Charge on my water bill?

Each account within WVWA’s service territory is subject to a Customer Charge.  This charge varies based on the size of the water meter servicing the property and covers all costs associated with meter reading, billing service costs, record keeping costs and water line maintenance costs as related to the continuous provision of water.  Simply put, it is the cost to have the availability of water.  For a current list of customer charges, visit our Schedule of Rates page.


Can I pay my water bill online?

Yes.  Payments can be made online at WVWA’s Online Payment Center.  Customers can create an account to easily access their current billing information, payment history as well as set up automatic bill payments.  Paying your WVWA bill online helps simplify payments, processes payments faster and helps customers keep track of their payments.


Do you take credit card payments?

Yes, we accept credit card payments.  Payments by credit card can be completed online at the WVWA Online Payment Center or over the phone by calling Customer Service at 412-931-3500 during normal business hours.


Is there a fee for paying by credit card?

As a courtesy to our customers, West View Water Authority does not charge a fee for paying by credit card.


 What can I do if I am having difficulty paying my water bill?

West View Water Authority has a hardship program, administered by the Dollar Energy Fund, which assists WVWA customers who  are in threat of termination or who have had their water service disconnected due to non-payment on their water account.  Customers may be eligible to receive a grant that is applied directly to their WVWA account balance.  Visit our Hardship Program page to learn more about this program.