High School Contest Winners 2023!

West View Water Authority hosted its 6th Annual High School Contest.  The event was open to all high school students within our service area. The students were to produce a one to one and a half minute educational or informational video or they could use other media formats such as photography, etc.  The categories were:


  • Water
  • The Environment
  • School Spirit (Something unique about your school or club)


We had an overwhelming response this year!  The submissions were all very professional, informative and entertaining. Voting was difficult, but we were finally able to narrow it down to the following three entries.




Congratulations to our 2023 winners …


1st Place Winner – $1,000


Lauren K.

Mars Area High School




Video Submission:





2nd Place Winner – $750


Kaitlyn M.

Mars Area High School




Video Submission:





3rd Place Winner – $500


Sagar R.

North Allegheny Intermediate High School




Photo submission:

Photo Caption:

“My photo captures a drop of water splashing up from a plate. The low amount of water and small splash hopes to signify the slowly dwindling amount of drinkable water in the world. It showcases the ignorance of the population, as nobody is informed about the crisis we are in, and it shows.”




A big “Thank You” to all the students and schools who participated in this year’s contest.


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