High School Video Contest


In honor of its 75th anniversary, West View Water Authority is conducting a video contest open to all high schools in its service area. Produce and enter a short, educational or informational video, from one of the three categories below for a chance to win a monetary prize.   Be creative!


  • The Environment


  • School Spirit ( Something unique about your school or club)


  • Service Area (Something interesting about your community)


The top 3 videos will receive a monetary prize and be featured on the West View Water Authority’s website.


Official Rules

West View Water Authority is challenging all high school students and amateur filmmakers within the service area to create videos educating and informing the public on different topics related to the environment, school spirit, or community service. All high school students grades 9-12 are eligible and can submit a video individually or as a team effort. Only 1 video per person or team. A primary contact must be designated per entry.  The prize will be given to the primary contact, to be divided up by the participants on their own terms. The winning video will be chosen by a panel from West View Water Authority. Winners will receive monetary prizes in addition to having their videos featured on the Authority’s website. This contest is an opportunity for high school students to publicly showcase their creativity, communication and film making skills– a great resume/ college application builder!


Video Details

  • 30 seconds – 1 minute long in length
    • .mp4 or .m4v (MPEG-4)
    • .mov (QuickTime)
    • .wmv (Windows Media Video)


  • The maximum upload size is 128 MB


  • 1 video per person/ team
    • Must designate a primary contact–If a team wins, the prize will be given to the primary contact, to be divided up by the participants on their own terms.


  • All videos must be educational, informative and appropriate or they will not be considered.



  • 1st Place    –  $500


  • 2nd Place  –  $250


  • 3rd Place   –  $100


*** The above prizes are subject to increase from possible donations ***


How to Enter

All videos can be submitted via email to Paige Quinn at pquinn@westviewwater.org. Please include all names, a primary contact, grades, the name of the High School you attend, and acknowledgement of the disclosures written below.


Submission Deadline

Monday, October 29, 2018 (5pm EST) is the last day to submit videos. The winner will be notified via e-mail and/or by phone.



The contributor allows West View Water Authority, nonexclusive permission to use, copy, and distribute the submitted video. The contributor acknowledges that receipt of prize money constitutes payment in full for this permission, without further consent or compensation. The contributor acknowledges that no copyrighted material has been used and that the video was student-created.


***By submitting a video, you agree to all of the rules, requirements, and disclosures listed above***


Download the WVWA HS Video Contest Flyer and FAQ’s Sheet