Hydrant Flushing Program

The Fire Hydrant Flushing program is a part of regular Authority operations and maintenance. The purpose is two-fold; to flush the water mains and to check fire hydrant operation.


Discolored water is sometimes a side effect of this ongoing maintenance program. We strongly suggest that all customers check their water and the flushing schedule link below, before laundering or using large quantities of water during this time.


If you experience discolored water or stained laundry, DO NOT CONTINUE TO USE THE WATER. Keep the laundry items damp until the water clears. Then use non-chlorine bleach to re-launder. DO NOT USE CHLORINE BLEACH. Soak the items for a few hours and re-launder with your regular detergent and the non-chlorine bleach.


The following areas are currently scheduled for flushing.   More specific information is available by calling Customer Service at 412-931-3500 or 412-364-1257. Thank you for your cooperation.  PLEASE NOTE THAT THESE SCHEDULES ARE SUBJECT TO CHANGE WITHOUT NOTICE AND MAY BE AFFECTED BY INCLEMENT WEATHER AND EMERGENCIES.






Monday, May 20, 2019
Tuesday, May 21, 2019
Wednesday, May 22, 2019
Franklin Park: Franklin Park: Franklin Park:
Mystic Valley Dr Black Oak Ct Magee Rd
Shady Knoll Ct Ravenwood Ct Cheviot Rd
Twin Oaks Dr Timberglen Dr  
LaPlace Pointe Ct   Kennedy:
Nicholson Rd Kennedy: Brightwood Rd
Dawn Dr Brightwood Rd Dorothy St
Norman Dr Dorothy St Jane St
Markley Dr Jane St Coraopolis Rd
Rochester Rd Coraopolis Rd Green Oak Rd
Willow Oak Dr Green Oak Dr Porter Hollow Rd
English Oak Ct Porters Hollow Rd St George Pl
Wexford Run Rd St George Pl Southview Dr
Timberglen Dr Southview Dr Neville Way
S Huntington Ct Neville Way Ridge Dr
Ridge Dr Dine Dr
Kennedy: Dine Dr Middletown Rd
Downs Ln Middletown Rd  
Nolte Ln   Marshall:
Herbst Rd Marshall: Cole Rd
Jenny Ln Windgate Dr
Fleming Park Rd Wexford Bayne Rd McCandless:
 Ehle Dr Meadowvue Dr Grubbs Rd
Coraopolis Dr Altmeyer Fields Ln Westvue Rd
Laurel Ridge Rd Farmingdale Rd Reichold Rd
Long Valley Dr Ash Ct Breckenridge Dr
Helen St   Edelweiss Dr
Long Ridge Dr McCandless:  
Route 19 Pine:
Marshall: Weller Dr Brown Rd
Wexford Bayne Rd Linden Rd Kildee Dr
Wexford Run Rd Candleridge Dr Bluebird Ln
McKinney Rd
McCandless: Pine: Wexford Bayne Rd
Route 19 Lake Dr Osprey Ct
Richard Rd Route 19 Blue Heron Dr
Forest Oak Dr Maple Dr McBeth Pl
N Meadows Dr Roscommon Rd Kilarney Rd
  Brown Rd Nathan Ct
Route 19 Robinson: Robinson:
Brooktree Rd Route 51 Route 51
  Fleming Park Rd Fleming Park Rd
Route 51   Sewickley Hts:
Fleming Park Rd   Magee Rd
    Red Mud Hollow Rd
    Sweet Water Dr
    Sewickley Hills Dr
    Trotter Cr
    Canter Dr