January 2025 Rate Increase

July 2024


In keeping with its commitment to public health and system reliability, The West View Water Authority Board of Directors has approved a rate increase to both our minimum charge and volume consumption charges.  For a typical residential customer, using 5,000 gallons of water per month, the current bill totaling $45.33 per month will increase by $1.83.


The overall rate will increase by 4.1 percent.


The Authority has not increased rates since 2018.  This change is necessary to account for increases to our cost of service and will take place on January 1, 2025.


The cost of water will increase to $7.22 per 1,000 gallons, which does not include the meter charge. Considering the basic meter charge the equivalent rate per 1,000 gallons would be $9.44, which is below average in comparison to other water providers in our area.


The amount of the increase was determined by a cost-of-service study conducted by an independent, professional rate consultant.  We undertake these studies every few years to determine the appropriate rates to cover our costs.  This most recent study is available to anyone who wants to read it.


The West View Water Authority has taken numerous steps to hold its costs down and improve efficiency.  These steps include:


  • A tank maintenance program where we take each tank out of service, one at a time, to thoroughly refurbish them.  This will extend their useful life and allow us to avoid having to replace them for a longer period.


  •  In the last two years, West View has secured grants totaling more than $13 million that have helped defray costs of water line extensions, intake/treatment facility and road improvements, and lead service line replacements.


For customers in need of assistance, The West View Water Authority participates in a hardship program administered by Dollar Energy Fund.    Customers may be eligible to receive a grant that is applied directly to their account balance.


Clean, safe water is essential for any community.  We believe the investments we’re making will help support property values, make this region a more attractive place to do business and enhance the quality of life.