Lien Letter Request

West View Water Authority can provide a lien letter for the sale or transfer of property as well as for refinancing of a property. The lien letter will certify, as of the letter date, whether or not there are water account claims against the property.  If there are one or more claims, the letter will provide the information on the claim(s) and the amount necessary to satisfy the claim(s).  If there are no claims, this will be stated in the letter.  A lien letter is usually requested by a title and settlement company or an attorney representing the sellers or buyers.  A request for a lien letter should be submitted to the Authority well in advance of a scheduled closing date.


To request a lien letter, please provide the following:


  • A written letter stating the property address to investigate.


  • A self-addressed and stamped return envelope.


  • A check in increments of $20.00 per WVWA account associated with the property address to investigate.   If clarification is needed, please contact the Authority at the number below.


Please mail the above to:

West View Water Authority

210 Perry Highway

Pittsburgh, PA  15229


Keep in mind the following:


  • The property address requested must be within the WVWA servicing territory.


  • There must be a WVWA account for this property.  The property must not be on a well.  The property must not be undeveloped (no meter set at this property yet)


  • HOA fees may pay for the water in a community situation.  Please check the itemized HOA coverage.


  • The fee is $20.00 per meter or WVWA account, not per lien letter request.


  • Payment for the lien letter request must be made with the request.  No billing for lien letters will be permitted.


  • Final accounts that are delinquent have been directed to Jordan Tax Service for collections.  Please contact Jordan Tax Services at 724-731-2351.


For more information on lien letters, contact West View Water Authority Customer Service during normal business hours at 412-931-3500.