Line Replacement Projects

Each year, West View Water Authority replaces water mains as part of an ongoing maintenance program. The follow projects are currently in progress. Should you have any questions please feel free to contact our Project Engineering Department at (412) 931-3292 during normal business hours.




Estimated Cost
Avalon Borough:
Jackman Avenue – Oak Street to S Starr Avenue)
Replace 1,250 LF
Design Stage
Franklin Park Borough:
Ingomar Heights Road – Highland Road to Rochester Road
Replace 5,400 LF
Bid May 2023
McCandless Township:
Birch Avenue – Perry Highway to terminus
Replace 980 LF
Awarded April 2023
Saginaw Drive – Cumberland Road to Guenevere Drive
Replace 780 LF
Awarded April 2023
Sutton Place Extension – Arthur Drive to terminus
Replace 1,400 LF
Ross Township:
Marie Drive – Jude Drive to terminus
Replace 1,370 LF Construction Stage
McKnight Circle
Replace 310 LF Bid May 2023
Roderick Drive – Babcock Boulevard to Sunderland Drive & Sunderland Drive – Roderick Drive to Lindisfarne Drive
Replace 1,250 LF Construction Stage
Swan Drive – Circle Drive to terminus
Replace 470 LF
Awarded March 2023
Willow Drive – Cedar Drive to Schars Lane & Cedar Drive – Willow Drive to terminus
Replace 690 LF
Awarded April 2023
West View Borough:
Glenmore Avenue – Ashford Avenue to Rochester Road
Replace 1,000 LF
Restoration Stage
Rochester Road – Glenmore Avenue towards Babcock Boulevard
Replace 1,020 LF
Restoration Stage