Schedule of Rates Change (June 2011)

To the Customers of West View Water Authority

June 2011

The West View Water Authority continues to experience rising costs in fuel, chemicals, pipe, copper tubing and many other items necessary to the treatment and distribution of safe and potable water.  Ongoing regulations from the state and federal governments also continue to tax the operating budget of the water authority.

The Municipal Authority of the Borough of West View contracted an independent rate consultant to conduct a cost of service study to determine if a water rate increase would be necessary.  The rates were last increased January 2010.  The results of the study show that additional revenues would be needed to administer, maintain and most importantly provide safe potable water to you, our customers.

Please be advised that effective July 1, 2011, there will be an increase in the total system Schedule of Rates.  An example of how the increase affects a residential consumer would be that if a customer with a 5/8” water meter using 15,000 gallons per quarter, the increase would be $4.77 per quarter or .053 cents per day.

Water rate schedules are available at the Administration Building.  You may request a copy by phone or by visiting.  A copy of the current Schedule of Rates can found at, Rates Fees and Payments, Schedule of Rates.

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