Smart911 Emergency Notification System


In order to provide more reliable and effective communications with our customers, West View Water Authority implements an Emergency Notification System provided by Rave Mobile Safety.  The Pennsylvania Department of Environmental Protection requires the Authority to provide emergency notification in the event of water emergencies known as Tier 1 Emergencies.


The Smart911™ system is designed to alert customers in the West View Water Authority service territory, by a phone call, of an emergency event or to share important Authority information.


The Smart911™ database has been purchased from a third party data provider and includes telephone numbers in a specified geographic area. It is important that residents and business owners within the West View Water service area provide contact information such as unlisted telephone numbers or cell phone numbers.


All calls sent to customers will have the caller ID WEST VIEW WATER.  Your safety and privacy is our highest concern.  The information provided through this service is NEVER shared or sold to any outside agencies or companies.


To update or add your information please click here to go to the Smart911 website.  If you need further assistance please call us at 412-931-3500 during normal business hours and we’ll be happy to assist you in signing up for this program.