Summer Months – Water Conservation

During the summer months, the more uses for water, the more it is wasted.  Here are some suggested ways to save on water consumption during the summer.


  • Car washing

Rinse your car once, then wash from a bucket rinsing periodically.


  • Lawn and garden

Water slowly and thoroughly when the grass or plants show signs of needing water. Avoid watering on windy days. To avoid both evaporation and damage to your lawn, water in the cooler period of the day. Make sure your sprinklers are watering  the lawn or garden, not the sidewalk, driveway, or street.


  • Rake or broom

Instead of using water to sweep away leaves or debris, use a rake or broom.


  • Swimming pool

Do not overfill which may reduce splashing and spilling. Use a pool cover to prevent evaporation. Make sure your filtration system is free of any leaks.