WVWA Use of Chloramines

June 2023


West View Water Authority periodically uses chloramine disinfection in order to reduce regulated disinfection by-products.  This process is utilized seasonally beginning in the spring and continuing through the fall.  If you have questions or concerns contact West View Water by calling Customer Service at 412-931-3500.


WVWA has successfully completed installations associated with TTHM and HAA5 mitigation systems in our Northern Tier Tank Systems.  With the mitigation systems completion and a discussion with the PADEP Drinking Water Program, West View will be suspending the Chloramination season for 2023.  Please check this page periodically for updated chloramine information.


For more information about chloramines, go to

Customer Info > FAQ’s > Chloramines


Chloramines will affect the following municipalities:


The entire municipality of:

  • Adams Township
  • Allepo Township
  • Bradford Woods Borough
  • Cranberry Township

    Affected areas surrounded by the RED BOUNDARIES.

  • Franklin Park Borough
  • Marshall Township
  • Ohio Township
  • Pine Township
  • Richland Township
  • Seven Fields Borough


The streets listed within the municipality of:


Kilbuck Township:

  • Camp Horne Road
  • Goat Hill Eicher Road
  • Harmony Road
  • Hivue Lane
  • Inglewood Lane
  • Old Camp Horne Road
  • Pine Ridge Road


Ross Township:

  • Brookmeade Drive
  • Cresthaven Lane
  • Crestwood Drive
  • Glenchester Drive
  • Heatherton Drive
  • Reis Run Road
  • Sharbot Drive
  • Wallingford Drive
  • Westcott Drive


Sewickley Heights Borough:

  • Audubon Road


Sewickley Hills Borough:

  • Canter Drive
  • Deere Court
  • Demar Drive
  • Harvest Court
  • Harvester Drive
  • Kevin Drive
  • Legacy Drive
  • Magee Road
  • Magee Road Extension
  • McCormick Court
  • Pacer  Drive
  • Park View Drive
  • Raintree Lane
  • Red Mud Hollow Road
  • Sewickley Hills Road
  • Stillwater Lane
  • Sweetwater Drive
  • Trotter Circle


The areas within the municipality of:


McCandless Township:

  • Areas north of Ingomar Road